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Concert 1 = SUCCESS!

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for coming out tonight to our premiere concert. We had a great turnout, there were 4 other concerts happening at the same time in various spaces and we are so glad you came to our space! Hoping to have some statistics soon. We have received a lot of great feedback and we hope to make use of any suggestions that have come our way. Personally, I had a lot of good conversations at our reception. Thanks so much for lovely treats Global Infusion and Trinity UMC :)

If you did not get a chance to fill out a connection card, feel free to connect with us here on the contact tab of the website or you can email us directly at Both methods will reach us at the gmail address.

Also, if you have any pictures or videos taken of the performance, please send those our way as well. We would LOVE to use them for promotional material.

Thanks again to all who helped make this wonderful event happen!

Stay tuned,


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