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Justice Choir GR Steering Committee

The Steering Committee was founded in July 2018 to guide our young choir into a successful second season and lay a foundation for continued growth and alignment with our chapter's mission, vision, and values.


Choir members and community members are encouraged to consider serving on the committee to help shape the choir's future into our third season and beyond. Contact us with any interest!

Steering Committee Roles

As of January 2019:

Music Director

  • Chooses music for concerts

  • Conducts rehearsals & concerts

  • Chooses additional musicians for concerts

  • Chooses overall concert layout

  • Advises Steering Committee on the need for additional artists/presentations for concert

Steering Committee Lead

  • Sets committee meeting agenda

  • Directs committee meetings

  • Assists committee members in tasks & schedules as needed

Ad Sales/Promotional Lead

  • Coordinates all ad sales (engaging choir members to make sales, too)

  • Designs concert programs (can get help with this, but should at least know/plan ad sizes purchased and layout)

  • Coordinates program production 

Community Engagement Director

  • Finds community partner for each concert

  • Coordinates partner’s presentation at concert & oversees distribution of funds after concert

  • Coordinates tabling organizations

  • Develops & maintains community connections

Concert Production Coordinator

  • Arranges sound, A/V slides, etc. through Trinity UMC

  • Coordinates reception setup needs (custodial, tabling, etc.)

  • Procures volunteers for ushers, reception

  • Assists Music Director in procuring guest artists for concert (if needed)

  • Assists Music Director in hiring additional musicians (if needed)

Treasurer/Bookkeeper/Finance Coordinator

  • Calculates planned costs for each concert

  • Maintains overall budget and report to Steering Committee

  • Coordinates all funds in & out of Justice Choir (including payments to artists/partners & reimbursements for expenses)

Chorus Admin/Committee Secretary

  • Maintains membership lists

  • Sends member emails & responds to email inquiries for membership

  • Maintains copies of Photo/Media releases

  • Coordinates copies of music for members

  • Takes committee meeting minutes

  • Forwards/delegates information to other committee members as necessary

Media Director

  • Writes & distributes press releases

  • Maintains media contact lists & publication deadline calendar

  • Coordinates media appearances/interviews

  • Oversees website updates

  • Oversees social media updates

  • Oversees Facebook events/Eventbrite for concerts

Mobile Advocacy Coordinator

  • Communicates with point person for any advocacy engagements

  • Coordinates members for outside events (marches, rallies, etc.)

  • Enlists director/leader, if necessary

  • Arranges rehearsals, if necessary

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